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Monday, February 02, 2009

All in a weekend ...

Its what you do in Nebraska on a GREAT warm day ... you clean the sludge, salt, mud and muck off your cars in the hope that they will stay clean for at least the next 24 hours. It is also an excuse to spend a full afternoon in the warm winter sun with my husband cleaning his new car.

Look at it shine! It must have been my excellent rinsing skills!

And because I am nursing my shoulder and with my protective watchful husband, I was in charge of a bit of rinsing and resting.

And because of said injury, and the boredom resulting from it, this is why I take odd pictures like this when left home alone with my camera! Yes - I know it is out of focus, but I liked this self portrait out of all the ones I shot.

I was interested on how best to take a snap shot of my latest Uppercase Living fun! I have yet to find "the perfect mirror" for the powder bath, so why not add fun art over the top of the one we already have!
And to top off the weekend, you must watch the game with friends and share this 10 pound wondrous carrot cake that Ran baked up!

I know it weighed at least that because it rested on my lap on the drive across town!


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