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Monday, January 12, 2009

Have you ever?

Have you ever had one of those days were the world seems tilted and all things seem to fall away from you rather that toward you? You know, one of those days where no matter what you do the end result begs the opposite of what you planned. A day where when you woke up in the morning and the residual thoughts rattling around in your head set into motion results that make the day seem frustrating and all for not.

Its one of those days where I just want to hold on to that. "That." Just sit with "those" feelings and turn away the positive. I am giving myself an excuse to eat bad things and watch mindless television. Set what is apparently destiny on its course and do not one thing. I am going to sit curled up with my blanket and throw a pity party on the couch.

Some days surrender just sound easier than fighting.
And tomorrow will be a better day.


Blogger Kate Wakefield said...

Hi, just wanted to say, I love that cat. He doesn't look too happy, maybe just got rescued from a fire. Oh, well, just wanted to say "Hi, and like that cat."

Thu Jan 22, 01:42:00 AM CST  

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