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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paper and scissors ...

I decided this year to add some handmade twists to my decorating. I wanted to make the little paper chain garlands like we use to create when we were little. You know the ones ... your teachers best construction paper, some dabs of rubber cement and you had a colorful garland! Well, instead I came home with this old looking "yellowed"construction paper (perhaps the bright colors of today's "modern" construction paper left a bit to be desired, and the idea looked MUCH better in my head!) I cut and zipped stacks and "gluesticked" my way to stacks and stacks of chain garlands! And yet, after all of the work, I had nearly put a dent into the stack of paper that I bought for a whopping $4 at Hobby Lobby.
SO I decided to make some snowflakes!

All good in theory, I suppose. After all, I probably haven't done this in years. The first few were ... well ... OK - they were sad. Truth be told. I think I made better snowflakes when I was a kid. BUT THEN MY HUSBAND jumped in! THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL! So the other night while watching Rudolf (the claymation version OF COURSE!!!) we ... well, no HE ... set to task making the most amazing snowflakes! Each one was prettier than the last! I was amazed! The cuts and designs were wonderful!

I learn new things about this man everyday. I love him more everyday! I had no idea he was a snowflake-creating genius! And we are now putting some of the paper to good use ... instead of stuffing our stockings with "things" we are writing each other little notes for the 12 days of Christmas (thanks for the idea Oprah!).


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