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Friday, December 05, 2008

CRAZY Plum Pickens!

The arts, crafts and antiques stuffed the house for our
10th annual Plum Pickens Open House!
Talented artists (Yes! - that's the majority of us in our pajamas!) from far and near painted, sanded, glued, sculpted, wired, sewed, glittered, cut, photographed and created absolutely the BEST work for the BIGGEST show we have EVER had!!!
15 trees filled the house, and they and the displays were full of handmade goodness! It was simply fabulous! Friday night we raised $300 and customers donated a large amount of toiletry items - all for Omaha's Lydia House!!! It is a local women's shelter that we have started supporting each year. Thanks to everyone for contributing!!!

Did I mention how CRAZY busy the show was? This blurry photo says it all! Women filed in and quickly grabbed armful after armful! This time of year I often question my sanity. Inviting hundreds of women into my home? Ridding most of my personal items and even furniture to turn our house into a shoppers paradise full of trees and fun displays and hand made wonders - what am I thinking?
But once I am over my sleep deprivation, and I have kicked my "pre-show" caffeine addiction, and I can recall all of the "thank you's" and remember the stories of customers who truly follow, love and support us (and we are more than happy to oblige their "needs") I think about the next Open House, and start the planning.


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