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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm jealous!

I see her come every Thursday. Just like clockwork - year round. I saw her just now - and I feel a bit jealous! She comes mid- morning, and leaves sometime after lunch. Business must be good, it looks like she has a new car. How freeing! How nice it must be!!! She does what I don't have time to do this time of the year. It's my neighbors house cleaner. My neighbor gets to come home to a clean house tonight ...

I have boxes of garlands and berries and ornaments stacked up in my dining room. There are half made poinsettia flowers littering my family room (seems one of the cats got a-hold of them last night!). I forgot to set all of the shipping shrapnel on the curb with the trash, so now it is stacked in the garage. By some miracle, at least we can see the table in the kitchen, and besides the stack of unread newspapers, the counters are relatively clean. The dishes are done, but lately it seems to take longer for everything to find its way home in the cupboards! Just this morning I noticed the dust, floating matter and hairspray residue have started to form a thick coat on my bathroom floor and counter surfaces. The cats have pressed a separate path from our own foot traffic in the thick carpet on the stairs. It is apparently still Halloween in half the house. I found what I remember to be a Jell-O salad toward the back of the refrigerator! Things are starting to slide out the back of the junk drawer!

What I would give to just have someone put away all the coats, and attack the pile of shoes that lay on the floor close to the shelves of boxes that should house them all! Do you think she would fold my socks? Sort the mail? I am contemplating running across the street and begging her to come over. Quick! While she goes back out to the truck to grab some cleaner!

Where are my shoes?

Cash! I would pay CASH!


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