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Thursday, January 22, 2009

It was a great day!

It was a rare day here in Nebraska. The temperature soared well above its normal high (and shall we mention a much welcomed and near 70 degree difference than nearly one week ago!). You could feel the sun warm your face as soon as you stepped outside.

So it made for the PERFECT day to go "junking" with friends! We strolled the streets and perused the antique shops (and dug in the basement "rough rooms") of Fremont.

And we ate lunch.

And we had to have some great dessert later too!!! (NOTE MY TOTAL!!!)

Excellent choice Kate and Amanda ... your caramel apple crisp was fresh and HOT right out of the oven! Although my coconut cream pie was AWFULLY TASTY too!!!

I took pictures of odd random things ... like my favorite number ...

And this ceiling caught my eye too ...

And all of this reminds me ... it is 55 degrees outside again today, and I feel the need to get out and soak in some more vitamin D! And even perhaps even walk off a few of the calories that we ingested yesterday!


Blogger Amanda said...

Check out the sexy pic... It was a great day. We must do it again sometime!

Fri Jan 23, 05:53:00 PM CST  

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