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Friday, January 09, 2009

A fresh start!

So with the beginning of each new year come so many possibilities ... Time to sort and take stock in all things ... Not just physical "things" either. More of an "out with the old" approach if you will. A fresh start ... a clear and present mind ... oh, and a clean house too - sounds like the perfect way to start the new year.

To help me in my deep cleaning efforts, I cannot seem to get enough of the Kings of Leon CD Only by the Night. And especially the song Sex on Fire. (Yes ... you heard me ... "S-E-X"!) I hadn't even heard of this band when they opened for U2 in Boston a few years ago. I dismissed this "hill-billy" (you had to be there to see the outfit!) lead singer and his band. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed it ... but forgot all about them quickly. That will teach me!!! I guess that is what comes with fits of quick judgement. I am now sold.

And let me apologize to my neighbors if our concrete siding is starting to vibrate ... so sorry, but WOW is the house cleaning coming at a record pace!
After a bit of research, I now see that KOL is coming to KC in a few weeks! HOW DID I MISS THAT? DANG! ("Dang?" Perhaps I have watched Napoleon Dynamite a bit too much lately!) I don't suppose a quick trip to Chicago is in order? They are playing at the House of Blues! Right across the river from the Renaissance Hotel that we typically stay at while visiting the windy city. Hmm.

Part of my resolve for the new year is to take more time to read ... just clear my head and dive into the pages. Conveniently, the first room I cleared was the sitting room. I love the light in the afternoon, and plan on taking little breaks from the studio to fulfill my resolution. (Thanks Kate for passing on some books ... I may start with Finding George Orwell In Burma or perhaps Water for Elephants ... )

Now ... where was I ... oh yes, I was delaying the inevitable task of cleaning the closet! DANG! (Oops! There it is again!!!)


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