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Monday, December 19, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year ...

Every year I take time off the week after Thanksgiving. Yes, my “work brain” tells me I should descend to the studio to crank out even more holiday creations, BUT I instead (with the help of dear husband) pull out the plethora of totes and set to decking the halls. With a semi focused, caffeine driven, and motivating Christmas music blaring, I set to transform the house in three or four days.
I pull out the plethora of ornaments, garlands, Santas, snowmen and miscellaneous whatnot's, reminiscing about the when’s and where’s of how they all found their way into our home. My most cherished pieces are things from my childhood, and also the pieces I am lucky to have that belonged to my grandmother. A small antique German xylophone is most likely my favorite. So much so, that if case of fire or other horrific disaster, it is on my short list of items I would risk my life to save. I am not sure of its history, but this piece is in one word “fabulous”. Music meant so much to my grandmother. I may not have her piano, but I think of her every time I pick up the little mallet and “ting” out a “Joy to the World” or “Jingle Bells” on the xylophone’s patina layered keys.

At this point I cannot say which one of the 6 Christmas trees is my favorite. (Yes … I said six … technically if you count the small ones and the ones in the studio technically there’s twelve.) I think it depends on the day. Sometimes it is the Santa tree in the kitchen with its various and meaningful ornaments ranks top of my list.

Yet when I turn on the pearl lights of the giant tree in the front room and see the antique turquoise and silver ornaments shimmer, that tree becomes “it”.

And yet looking into the living room, the tree chalked full of berries, ribbon and antique red ornaments look stunning.

There is also something to be said fall asleep to the lights that shine on the silver themed tree that is put up in our bedroom.

Some days I find myself sitting in various spots, sipping coffee or taking a moment just to enjoy each and every tree. The warmth that the holiday decorating frenzy creates can amaze. Dear husband loves coming home to it, friends and customers recently gushed on a little tour of it all, and I am the lucky artist who gets to spend her days surrounded by it.

Currently my favorite ornament.

Christmas came early for this artist ... dear husband whisked me away to Z Gallerie on Black Friday to pick up this chandelier that I have drooled over for the last two years!


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