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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring? Is that you?

Its officially spring here - or so the calendar says. A week ago today it looked like spring. The sun was out, the air was warm, green was starting to make an appearance and pop up through the cold earth. I had even debated on putting away the winter boots, and for the first time since late last year my ankles made a public appearance. (Be it frighteningly PALE debut!) But capris and shorter sleeves have disappeared and winter has begrudgingly returned. Old man winter is stubborn and has taken back control. Out came wool coats, scarves and even a hat or two.

I write this wearing a turtleneck. Picture it pulled up to my nose in a desperate attempt to stay warm. The fireplace is on and homemade soup is on the menu tonight! It stopped snowing last night, but the grey and cold that lies just outside my studio windows is hard to get past.

This may not feel like spring but bunnies ARE coming to life in the studio. Part of my job is to portray a world much different than the current season. Christmas in July, fall in the heat of the summer, and now spring in a cold snap. There are pink blooms and polka dots, bunnies and carrots, all coming to life in a colder than usual studio. Tomorrow the weatherman calls for more clouds, but at least the numbers look more promising.

Tonight I will retreat under my blanket snuggled in on the couch and plan more spring creations and dream of warmer days.


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