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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I can't stop!

I have a little confession. I cannot stop stacking things! For years I have gathered the oddest pieces. These fun finds and rescued goodies make their way into my front room and the sorting, stacking, re-stacking and obsessing begin. It’s quite fun actually – making layers from the amassed goodness. Books, glassware, mirrors, porcelain, odds and ends of metal and typically rusty odds and ends are my favorite things. Some of them have meaning, while some just spoke to me on random junk hunts and came home.

And who would not want to place a fabulous pumpkin on the top of an artistically layered heap? These little guys from Poverty Hills are my absolute favorite!!! Sure the 30 pound princess pumpkin that looks like it’s trying to eat my dining room table is quite fun too, but this little guy … there is just something WoNDeRFuL about him!!! I had to share … and I hope to spread this little stacking fixation on to you!


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