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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I went for a drive today.

There were a few terra cotta pots that longed for more annuals. Perhaps it was also just an excuse to head out and about and surround myself with a bit of nature. It doesn’t take long for me to be “outside of town”. Within minutes the houses are further and further apart. Yards become textured fields and I nearly pulled over to watch three horses graze.

The fresh vibrant greens of spring blanket the rolling hills. The narrow blacktop road stretched out before me curving, rising up and down hugging the hills leading to colorful surprises, making the morning jaunt even more enjoyable. The multitude of trees were soft, round and new. Nearing my destination at the top of the bluff, I looked down on the river valley with the quilt of green and dark rich newly planted earth. It all looked so surreal.

As I tell people “you take a left at the derelict farm home and then take your next right and up the long driveway.” That is what will lead you to this little gem of a nursery. Its quiet location, quaint in nature and tucked away, makes it feel as if I am only one of a handful to have discovered it. It’s chocked full of color (less now as the season proceeds) with tight aisle and rows of tables full of possibilities. This visit there were only a few others shopping. The wind was blowing through the pine trees offering up a soothing distraction from the greenhouse fans. With a little flat full of color and a check memo written as only “more” I headed back for home.

Its refreshing, these little trips. They clear my mind and inspire me and as I once again put my hands in the dirt, I think before long I may need another excuse to wander out into the countryside.


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