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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All worth while ...

Three weeks ago I thought I was certifiably insane. I had to be to think that I could create enough original pieces to satisfy the cravings of all the customers that flood into my home for my annual Christmas Open House! You see there has been a bit of procrastination on my part – the perfect fall weather that we have experienced here in this neck of the woods had forced me out of the studio and had me soaking up every bit of sun that I could! There were picnics with the husband at our favorite little arboretum, there was garden tending that took longer than need be just so I could sit in the warm sun and there were walks that needed to be taken.

Understand that this is nowhere near my “normal” approach to the holiday season. You see in years past I would have been wound up titer than a drum practically locked away in the studio and I had even at times imposed the “chain the artist to the desk” rule and have not even dared to venture outside. This principle however very productive was not making me into a happy artist. Not only was I not out and enjoying my most favorite time of the year, but by the end of last year’s holiday season I was burnt out and the creativity had left me.

So this year was different - I took breaks – I enjoyed life and the great outdoors. I took better care of myself cooking healthier meals and for the most part avoided the drive through. I went for chiropractic care and had several massages to work out all the knots in my shoulders, arms and neck that being an artist can easily create.

I laughed more. I worried a little less. And somehow it all comes together. And even though there were a few late nights and even though I may have questioned my sanity seeing so many cheerful faces makes it all so worthwhile. I am always amazed so many pieces happily walk out my front door.

I am a lucky girl … thanks to all my loyal following who packed into my home and stood patiently in line … you make my “job” a truly fun one!


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