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Friday, November 05, 2010

Its been a while ...

My head is constantly full of thoughts and lately and less and less have I blogged. I am headed toward my busiest season and perhaps a bit of random rambling would do this artist a bit of good.

The sun is shining differently into my studio windows at this time of year. I have been working for at least an hour before it floods directly into the room. In the early morning it streams through the windows and into the hanging crystals that once belonged to my grandmother sending rainbows dancing across the studio floors and walls. Paired with a giant cup of coffee it is my favorite way to start the day. By mid afternoon the light shines into the windows behind me and energizes me to push through the rest of my day. The shortened day light makes me appreciate every ray.

Just outside the studio windows, the garden is slowly starting its long winters rest. The fabulous fall colors have hung on the trees for longer than I can remember. I find myself watching the wind blow the spent leaves and am mesmerized by our giant willow tree now bursting in yellow as it swirls and sways in the gusts.

These are the things that keep me present in the moment and in an instant can take away the stress of an upcoming show, the piles of unfinished work, the ideas that rattle about in my head and all of the rest of life's little worries. I am more than abundantly thankful to work from my home, to be surrounded by things that comfort me and actually stop to take in the color offered in the world outside.


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