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Friday, July 23, 2010

A work in progress ...

So do you ever have one of those projects that mill around in the back of your head? You know the ones, the kind slow to come to fruition! It has been nearly seven years ago since we built our home and my ongoing decoration project in the master bedroom has been unsatisfactory from the start.

My first problem – I settled.

As women I believe we should never settle. There comes a time where sure, we throw our hands into the air and surrender give up when our energy wanes. But as a creative person, the frustration that comes from “settling” is at best difficult to live with. The picture that I have created in my head haunts me every time I walk into our bedroom. The bed that we settled on years ago works – that’s all. It is functional but was nowhere near the vision inside of my head. I need the bedroom to be a place on tranquility and peace. One of clean lines and the contrast of cool grays (don’t get me started on the wall color!), turquoise blues and warm espresso wood.

Don’t get me wrong, our hunt has been a valiant one. Much to my husband’s frustration the search has lasted for years. Perhaps my expectations were too high living in the Midwest hunting for furniture that perhaps would be more readily available on the coasts. Creating color combinations neither seen nor popular seven years ago has made the process a long one.

But over a mini vacation I took back control! I was not going to settle, nor will I wait around for “just the right piece!” It came to us in the middle of the Restoration Hardware store. We have decided to create our own bed! What a better project could a husband and wife work on? (A husband and wife who by the way work well together and have a plethora of power-tools and skills mind you.) That same day we discovered the perfect roll of fabric on clearance for $4 a yard. It will be just like the vision in my head.

It took digging into a pile of clearance fabric on our little trip to make me realize that I don’t have to settle and deserve to see my vision come to life. I won’t let the end result be left up to chance, or to any one person place or thing for that matter. I want to finish the creation that has been rattling around in my brain for quite some time now.

So perhaps in the end this little post is about more than just a decorating project. So don’t settle friends – take charge and see your visions through!


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