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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring has sprung!

At long last I feel that it is safe to talk about spring. I had invested hope in this notion earlier, but only had those feelings dashed by more snow and bouts of bitter cold windy nastiness. It has been a hard winter here in Nebraska, and after unusually high snow falls totalling FOUR FEET, I for one am so happy to see a turn to bright warm days!

With this wonderful weather, my thoughts are also turning to the garden! It is the best feeling to have the warm sun on my face as I walk about the garden. After such a hard winter it seems like a miracle that anything is even springing up from the ground.

This year there seems to be so much potential! I cannot wait to jump in on the projects that I have been dreaming about to distract the existence of "the glacier" what covered much of our backyard and garden all winter long. I am in the midst of planning a little raised bed for more vegetables. There are plants and trees to be procured! There is research and hunting to be conducted in area stores and nurseries! Hostas and iris will need to be divided. There are bushes to be pruned and some plants to be moved! It is just all SO exciting!!! I am so wound up (and that is not just from this mornings coffee talking) I am even going to over look all the damage from the wet and heavy snow and ravenous dastardly rabbits.

Last night on a random trip to the hardware store I was happy and beyond thrilled to discover that plant delivery has started! I was like a giddy school girl! I was so excited I didn't even realize that I had aloud and in a cartoon like voice exclaimed "Well HELLO little Pin Cushion!" An employee glanced at me with just the best look - he must have thought I was nuts. Or perhaps (and this is what I would like to believe!) is that I was not the first person he had witnessed that day talking to the plants.

I hope that you have the time in each day to enjoy this wonderful time of year! Each day holds so much potential and growth - and not just in the garden!


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