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Monday, May 25, 2009

What a GREAT time of the year!

As much as I LOVE fall, I have to admit that mid to late May ranks right up there in my book! What else could you ask for? The weather is not too hot nor too humid ... lovely light rain showers with bits of rolling thunder. There is just enough sun to start getting a bit of color on ourselves (or in my case add to the freckles!) The bugs have yet to infest our back yards! Our gardens are bursting to life and the nurseries offer endless possibilities. And so far, watering all that we have placed into pots and into the earth yet seem like a chore.

And better still - do remember what this time of year felt like when you were a kid? That last day of school? Do you recall the excitement the vast potential of summer vacation? Nothing could have been better! And even though life's priorities and responsibilities have changed I cannot help but feel that way again as this time of year rolls around.

So enjoy this time of year and remember all that life has to offer ... there are so many wonderful things! So take time to "be still and listen" ... be present in each moment and as often as you can be. The world will open up to you.


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