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Monday, May 11, 2009

In case you missed it!

With the artists all finally healthy (Root canals (poor Kate, Sandy AND Randy!), flu, pneumonia, ruptured ear drums, sinus infections ... yes we were all an unlucky lot this spring!) we forged ahead with our annual Spring Show! The garage was packed with "Spring Cleaning" sale items and the house was filled with new great works! Customers flooded the garage and then the house to see what we had to offer them.

Happily my "water color" paintings on wood were a hit! Not only did they fly from the house, but they disappeared just as quickly from PFATT. I have been having so much fun painting these! (Not to worry - I will always paint on with the dark primitive colors as well!) I am excited customers love them as much as I do! They are whimsical, a bit quirky, and surprisingly brighter. Each piece unveils itself to me as I scribble and paint ... each one is like a little discovery waiting for me.


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