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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Out and about!

It was time. I was starting to get a little stir crazy staring at the walls of our home. So with the prospects of warmer weather and healthier lungs I ventured out for the first time in quite some time. We met friends at the Cracker Barrel (love me the Sunshine Sampler ... it was always Dad's favorite!!!) and even though there was no way I could ingest even half of my meal (there was so much food - grits - of course - biscuits, eggs, hash brown casserole, spiced baked apples, bacon, sausage and ham!!!) I gave it my best attempt!!! However the outcome of my feeble feeding frenzy, I was beyond excited that not only was I hungry but I could even taste my giant breakfast!

And what is a day out without a bit of junking? We headed out for a while until my energy waned and then headed home with a small haul. I unpacked our finds yesterday morning, and they are now priced and ready for April's Plum in the Corner! Its a fun little smattering of spring ... a few watering cans, crocks and smalls ... fun affordable little antiques ready to blend in with spring and summer decor.
AND ... thanks to a recent "creative day" (some of us from Plum Pickens gather and play with all things creative and spontaneous for a day) I am working on some great new "water color" primitive paintings!!! I cannot wait for you to see them! They are fairly whimsy and light - PERFECT for spring! I am also excited about another idea I dreamed up recently ... painted runners! I bought all of the supplies, and I cannot wait to make my first attempt and perhaps with a bit of refining, share it with you!


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