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Thursday, March 19, 2009

It was "just a cold"!

I was quite proud of myself this winter! I have avoided germs and illness for the most part. Thanks to a bit of vigilance, sinus flushing and my favorite mantra "I AM NOT SICK!!!" I was in great shape! Or so I thought ...

Also, with a little research, a change of diet, and the wonderful vitamin D (that I was obviously lacking) I have even been free of the autoimmune disease Psoriasis and the symptoms that rear their ugly head especially during the cold and dry winter months. I was quietly quite proud that I was doing well drug free and my alternative therapies were indeed working! You don't know what a relief that is (unless you are a fellow sufferer - and we can talk about what I did!). I was actually looking forward to spring air and shorter length of pants and sleeves.

I was symptom free of anything and with spring just days away it seemed that the transition into a warmer season was going to be a smooth one. However I was hit with the "Trifecta of 2009". It started with a minor stomach "thing". You know the kind that keeps you close to the facilities. But it was quite bearable and short lived. Springing back quickly I went about life until some aches were noticeably not just from over doing it in the studio. Then came the flood of all things known as "influenza B". In truth I even quickly recovered from that and was bound and determined not to let a "bug" get me down, I again jumped (although a bit slower) into action.

Although ... do I feel something in my lungs?

Yes ... it was there and I ignored it. (Mr Mucus had moved right in JUST like on the commercials!!!) It was too late. Beside my better judgment, I had ran out of my herbal VIREX pills that I have come to swear by in times like these, but continued to think that this was "no big deal ... "just a cold" I thought and didn't go to my chiropractor to get a refill. 24 hours later, my lungs were rattling like a lumber wagon going down an old dirt road. After yet another sleepless night, my dear husband whisked my off to the Urgent Care. I went in the door thinking it was perhaps at worst a sinus infection, but when the Dr seemed very interested in listening to my lungs, and then ordered a series of x-rays I knew (and familiarly so) that I was in trouble.


? I didn't have time for this! But remembering back several years after the same diagnosis, my impatience nearly sent me to the hospital (I sweet-talked my Dr into believing I was going to go straight home and into bed ... I lied ... but I learned my lesson with a too long recovery). The memory changed my thinking. I came home and curled up into bed ingested the horse pills that were prescribed to me and slept for days.

So now feeling WORLDS better I am setting goals for each day ... be it small ones. I am taking it slow, and am ever so thankful for antibiotics (even though I don't like to take them) and have learned my lesson. Oh - and Mr Mucus ... yes ... just like the commercial, he is sent packing and "I won."


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