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Friday, April 10, 2009

What I believe in ...

I jokingly told my husband after my last "round of sickness "we should invest in Kleenex"! I was serious. Invest in what you believe in. Well, now that I have literally (well nearly actually) used my body weight in Kleenex with my latest battle (this time a nasty sinus infection - and JUST when I was starting to feel better! DANG!!!) I am thinking I could now single handedly drive up the demand!

After all everywhere you turn in our house there is a box. We have heavy duty - with lotion - soft - extra soft - ULTRA soft - they are all in the house! The upstairs linen closet is packed with every kind of facial tissue Kleenex has to offer! We've got square boxes, flat boxes, LARGE boxes, little purse sized packages, just none of those "fancy" oblong artsy boxes ... they are too expensive at the rate in which I am using them up! (And thank you dear Kleenex company for my coupons! They just arrived in the mail!) Opened boxes lie on every surface you could think of. In any room of our house, a box is within arms reach. One never knows when a sneeze, cough or hacking spell is going to take place, so you must be prepared! :-)

In fact today I am going to take a box outside with me! I have neglected my garden long enough, and if I take my time, and don't over do it, there is some tending that needs to be done.


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