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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thankful ...

It is a great morning and I am thankful. The weatherman insists that the high is going to be at least 60. The robin is chirping just outside my window as I type this (YES ROBINS! They arrived on Valentine's day - the EARLIEST I have EVER seen them in Omaha ... and it was snowing poor things!) I just had the best piece of toast topped with wild Kentucky grape jelly that my uncle Calvin made (talk about a GREAT discovery in the back of the pantry!) I guzzled down my favorite milk and am looking forward to a full day of painting (and sneaking in a walk around the lake perhaps!)

This past weekend Ran and I hosted "Un-Thanksgiving". We started the now tradition years ago completely by accident. It was an excuse to gather with friends and perhaps cook a bird that was still in the freezer. Better yet it was an occasion to eat some of our favorite comfort foods that often are only enjoyed during the holidays. It quickly became known as "Un-Thanksgiving" and so with the title came the tradition of also going around the table of each guest saying what they were UNTHANKFUL for.
You know - an excuse to let go of some of those feelings and issues harbored somewhere deep inside your psyche. :-)

We stretched out the dining table to its limits, ironed my favorite table cloth, washed crystal stemware, pulled out Grandma Flessner's ironstone dishes and silverware and cooked up a storm. I tried my best to recreate my favorite squash dressing from Ted's (must have done well - everyone commented on it!) and even created my own new (and now a must have at the holidays) cranberry relish - with hints of orange and vanilla. I also took my candied yam bake over the top by making candied walnuts to sprinkle over the top of the toasted marshmallow deliciousness!!! (Recipes soon to follow!) Our friends brought some of their favorite dishes as well. It was all so amazing ... and who counts calories on a holiday ... right? The Shulenbergers brought over the necessary equipment and fried a 12 lb gobbler. Who knew that a turkey dropped into a vat of boiling grease - and cooked for a mere 45 minutes could be so tasty!!!

It was the best evening!

In fact it was all so fun before we had even finished dinner, talks of an "Un-Christmas" began to circulate. Hmm ...


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