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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Make it simple please ...

Simply put, there are just too many options in the world today. While talking to a friend this morning and listening to her about her very busy days, it struck me how many choices there are in every day living. I wonder, how many choices does the average person have to make each day? We live in a country blessed with options and opportunities, but when is it enough? Our hours, days weeks and years pass too quickly when suddenly filled up. Can we live with less?

There are grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies on every major corner around me. I am bombarded with ads and images of bigger and better and the "greatest sales of the year". We have nearly 700 channels to choose from on our TV. When out and about, ringing cell phones and people are texting everywhere. Endless restaurants are packed and the menus are often 8 pages thick. There are endless activities and obligations to run to and from, and it is all draining my energy today thinking about it all.

And if that didn't get to me, then just thinking about all of the "if this - then that" consequences of ALL those choices will. "If only's" and "what if's" could consume anyone.

I just want to keep it simple. I want time to sit and be still and be present in each moment. I have chosen to set most ads aside, and recycle the rest. I need to turn off the tv more and listen to music. I choose to sit outside and enjoy the garden and all the birds ...yes, even the mean Grackles! I choose to support local farmers at the Saturday market and purchase the unprocessed groceries elsewhere and cook at home. And that reminds me ... its time for lunch.. cottage cheese, bean salad and my favorite "Cranberry Raincoast Crisps" are on the menu, and I am going to sit outside and enjoy the garden. Its quiet and simple out there ...

Take some time out of your day today to be still ... :-)


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