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Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year

Ok - I admit that I haven't been posting - I apologize! But now as part of my New Years resolution, I am here with my random ramblings and "and so it is. . .'s."

This morning I find myself obsessing with my bathroom makeover. I painted the master bathroom this weekend and good Lord, there is indeed a reason why I have been putting it off for so long! So after sanding, taping, trimming, ladder climbing (balancing and loosing the battle to gravity), grout scrubbing, light hanging, blind sparkling, window cleaning and plastic tarp-ing ... the deed is done. Or is it? I searched practically every store in the metro area for just the perfect rugs and matching towels (and I do mean EVERY STORE!) There are an infinite variety of tan towels with various textures that are currently on the market in O! Decisions, DECISIONS! It may not have been my husband's idea of the way to spend a Saturday, but he was a trooper, and we came home victorious!

With the rugs and towels in place, (now thinking in the darkest deepest recesses of my brain that perhaps soon we should retile the floors and wp tub too) I found myself looking at my blank walls. What could I hang up? The "old stuff" just won't do! After spending an hour or more at I came up with a set of three wonderful prints from John W Golden! (sandswept series) I cannot wait to get them home and framed! (hmmm - now comes the hunt to find just the right frames! HA!) Trust me, go to Etsy right now! Great things await you!

Happy New Year to everyone!!! 2008 will be FULL of endless possibilities!

Today's quote - "You alone make the choice to have joy, find joy and to spread joy." Natalie Portman.


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