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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Valentines "weekend" is coming to an end. I say "weekend" because I got the best Valentine gift I could get from my husband - time!

We made a fabulous dinner at home Thursday evening, (Starting with bacon wrapped shrimp with Parmesan Reggiano cheese paired with a Frei Brothers Chardonnay Reserve then much later the main course of Beef Bourguignonne paired with a bottle of Gary Farrell Zinfandel followed with a apricot torte from Omaha's Lithuanian Bakery - and the rest of the chardonnay :-) - YUMM!) Who needs to go out when we can cook like that at home? Music and a little tipsy dancing in the kitchen! Cards! Games! What a fun night! He had taken friday off so we could spend the day together! What a great gift! LOVE HIM! A little shopping, lunch out at Biaggi's, movies and another quiet night at home enjoying the movies and music we had picked up on our day out!!! It was the best!

Saturday evening we went out to watch live music at The Waiting Room. I realized that we need to get out and enjoy Omaha's music scene! I was so impressed! The first group was Sarah Benk and the Robbers! Wow!!! Get out and see them! Then Ran's coworker's band - The Pendrakes was the last to the stage! They were a fun folk/rock with a touch of Elvis Costello! We loved it all! Even though we felt a little old getting home WAY past our bed time we look forward to doing it all over again soon!!!

Today was just a relaxing day spent napping and relaxing with a touch of reality ... aka cleaning and laundry. Now that it is Sunday evening, I feel a little like a kid not quite ready to go back to school on Monday morning. I wish I could rewind the clock and live the weekend all over again!!! Being together is just the best! Time is just such a great thing - it was the best gift I could have gotten! Thank you Randy. I love you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhw. :-) Happy Belated Valentines!

Mon Feb 18, 10:15:00 AM CST  

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