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Friday, February 22, 2008

It was inevitable ...

We knew it was here. It has been randomly striking and unleashing on those that have even taken the necessary precautions to keep it at bay ... we're talking about the flu. Unfortunately it has come unwelcomed into the Huber household. Randy is in bed for the third day, and I (still well - knock on wood) find myself healthy but now obsessing-ly washing my hands, wiping surfaces with the handy antibacterial wipes, and I have nearly gone through the rest of our Lysol can. Empty Puffs-lotion boxes are starting to stack up. Toast and jello are on the menu yet again today.

My hope for tomorrow is some homemade magical chicken noodle soup will be on the menu! The ingredients are in the fridge, and I am just waiting for the word upstairs (or if he makes it to the "sick couch") and the Le Creuset will be fired up! Just say the word my love! Mmm ... carrots, celery onions, a touch of garlic maybe some leeks, rotissery chicken, lots of broth, Reames egg noodles. I think there is even some flat leaf parsley in the veg drawer. OK - now I am hungry!

I have resolved however that I WILL NOT be getting sick! :-) There is just simply no time! With the flu hitting so hard this season, I was REALLY regretting NOT getting the flu shot. However after taking Ran to the DR early Thursday morning we were told that the flu shot was only protecting less than 40% from the various strains floating about. YUCK!

It's days like this I am glad that I work at home and not have to go out and wander about in a germ filled office! And even though the pesky little flu virus has made its way into our home, so far - so good! I am off to find some lunch, and take my vitamins!

Have a great Friday everyone!


Blogger Diane Duda said...

I love your March Pfatt pieces!
You make the best bunnies!


Mon Mar 10, 06:53:00 AM CST  

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