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Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's official. Forget what the weather man is saying, I don't care if there is snow if the forecast, because the view out my window says that spring is here. I look forward to this day all winter! The Robins are here!!! I spotted some the other day while running errands, but it isn't really official until they are in MY yard! I know, it may sound strange waiting, hoping, wishing for the day that I see these goofy little creatures, but to me, it is just a little gift from nature saying that spring is indeed just around the corner! "FINALLY!" And with this cold and awfully persistent winter that we have had, believe me I did a happy dance in the car the other day when I saw my first Robin. (I apologize for my fellow drivers if I offended or in any way frightened you with my "happy bird dance" ... :-) )

Happy spring everyone!!!

Oh, and a little follow up to my last post that was made OH-So-LONG-AGO!!!

I admit it. I hated to, but it had to be done. Believe me, I tried to avoid it, I fought it, I denied its presence ... but it was there ... the flu. I had it ... it had me, and now after aching and sleeping for days, coughing and hacking, sneezing and wheezing, all is getting back to normal. YUCK! I'm glad that is over!!!

Now germ free, I can to get back to work!!! Watch for great new pieces available soon!!!


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