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Friday, May 02, 2008

It's a "free" Friday!

What to do with a whole day?

Remember when we were little, and the possibilities of have a whole day of freedom, especially a Friday, seemed like time would just stand still and anything was possible? I have given myself a "free Friday", and contemplating what to do with this day seems like such the gift. Then my rational brain comes into the picture, and the realization that it isn't technically a WHOLE day, and the fact that I have been putting off so many little things for so long is quite frankly, taking the fun out it! :-)

Hmm ... let's see, I could finish cleaning out the spare bedroom. I could finish a few little sewing projects that have been patiently waiting for me. Perhaps I will clean and dust the master bedroom. Even finish the duvet for summer time. I should catch up on emails with friends and family. I really need to clean out the fridge. I have to return some phone calls. And, I cannot forget to sew that button back on my winter coat. Wow! Just like that, my day is already full.

How does that happen? And all I really want to do on this cloudy rainy morning is perhaps sit next to the fireplace (yes - its Nebraska after all - yesterday we turned on the air conditioning - today the high will be 50!) and curl up in a blanket and read a book. Hmm - what to do?

Perhaps the meaning of a free day has changed over the years ... as adults we seem to forget about the fun in our free time, and become consumed with lists and tasks. But I guess the important thing is the fact that today I gave myself permission to catch up. Not to be hard on myself for the things that I have been "meaning to do". To know that I deserve to take time to be present. Perhaps I need to throw out my rational brain on my "free" day.

Maybe its the rain that is bringing about perspective, or it could be the fact that its 9 am, and I am still comfortable in my pajamas sipping coffee. :-) But my list will be completed in time. Somehow now, it doesn't seem to be that important. There seems to be better things to do ... like listening to the rain fall softly on the window. In fact, the best thing so far about my day is the fact that the rain is dotting and collecting on the window screen, and it has turned my view of the world outside into a sort of abstract painting. I am 35 years old, and never looked at it like that. Hmm. I like that.

Perhaps today is more about freeing my mind than freeing up time. Ok - I'm done rambling now.


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