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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Here it is ...

No news is not always good news. 
Summer has nearly come and gone and nothing here is really new.  I had hoped by now to have returned to work producing great works for fall … but I can’t.
The range of motion in my wrist is still not what it was and with use, my hand stiffens and random sharp pains are enough to take my breath away.   
Dear husband had been asking me for quite some time to simply take the rest of the year off.  The pressure I was putting on myself with every attempt at work, resulted in pain which led to heaping frustration, and it has nearly killed off my creativity and energy all together.  It feels a little like defeat to do so, but taking even more time off is what I have to do.  I hope to find answers to this mess, heal and leave the last year and a half in my rear view mirror.
So for now you can find me puttering about the house throwing myself into random decorating projects (one can only stare at the walls for so long before you start to want to change things) and my vegetable garden is producing bushel baskets of produce (which I am quite proud of as most of my plants reside in old halved whiskey barrel s!) and as I can (and with help!)  I putter about the yard and garden.
Here is just a bit of garden goodness ... not pictured are the plethora of cucumbers, jalapenos and zucchini! We've been well fed this summer! I have 7 different kinds of tomatoes! Some you need two hands to pick and my favorite are the Lemon Boy yellow tomatoes, and the heirloom black cherry tomatoes ... OH so good!
Just some new paint, a few accents and at long last, new chairs!

Recently with the help of a little liquid courage I descended with determination to the studio and attacked a canvas.  I fell quickly into my old routine letting the painting reveal itself as I worked.  Even the neighbor who hadn’t seen me in the studio for quite some time stopped in with some produce and to see what I was working on.  For days I paid for my efforts and that is when I could admit to myself it’s time to again head back to the specialist.  I hope for answers. 
I pray for good news.  I can’t imagine not being an artist … it’s who I am.


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