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Monday, October 22, 2012

With my apologies ...

Its been a while … and I apologize.  I took most of the spring and summer off hoping to heal what ailed me. Thankfully the time off occurred during our long record breaking hot dry summer and I was able to give much needed attention to the garden.  Thirsty whiskey barrels grew a multitude of tomatoes, peppers and even the trellised cucumber where all more than grateful for my attention. The daily needs kept me busy both body and mind and the garden thankfully offered me purpose.
(garden goodness!)
At the beginning of my forced respite and after my brain had allowed me once again the ability to comprehend and retain what I was reading, I bounced about reading various articles on the web.  I ran across a piece in the New York Times that listed the top 40 most beautiful places in the world that one “must see.”  Coming in #2 on this list was the San Juan Islands. The article said that the ferry ride through these islands alone was worth the trip.  As I read about these islands that sit north of Washington State overlooking Canada I became captivated.  The in depth peaceful descriptions transported me from my frustrated state of being to a better place. While dear husband was away on business, I began to entertain the idea of a getaway.  On his return home, we began the planning. Sure, I advertised this as a trip to celebrate my entering another decade, but the planning and visualizing took my focus and frustration off of where my mind had settled.
We started in Seattle, where we fell in love with Pikes Place Market and especially the quaint Italian grocer DeLaurenti.  The perfectly sliced for us Sopresetta, fresh Chevre and fig-hazelnut jam were enjoyed on several occasions throughout our trip. A giant bag of all natural-dried Honey Crisp apples served as the best snacks one could ever imagine!  You see this trip was  different that anything we have done in the past.  We rented homes and immersed ourselves into all things local. We kept things simple.  We cooked and dined in.  We sat.  We relaxed. We took in the world around us at an unimaginable relaxing pace. 
(sunrise San Juan Island)
We ventured a mere two hours north  of Seattle and drove onto the Anacortes ferry that took us through the island spotted waters to Friday Harbor.   Upon our arrival we headed out of town through the winding tree lined roads stepped into the living room with its two story expansive panoramic windows. I looked out onto the Salish Sea and the tears began to flow.  It was not only JUST what I had imagined … it was even better.  The peace and quiet that this place gave soothed me and settled all of the anxiety that my injuries had created over the last 9 months.   What was meant to be would be.  Worries left me. Time stood still.
(this is how every morning should start)
This little trip was the best gift I could have given myself.  Dear husband and I truly had the most stress-free, blissful, and peaceful time.  Life requires that of us sometimes.  Take a step back, replenish ... look at things differently and then start in again.
(Sunset as we settled into our rental on the Oregon coast south of Cannon Beach)


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