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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This too shall pass ...

Can you feel it or is it just me?

There is something in the air. I feel it when I am out running my errands. I sense it standing in line at the grocery store and see it on faces of other drivers while sitting in traffic. It could be the fact that we haven't seen the sun here in days. It may be the post holiday feelings of "everything has to be perfect and then reality set in". Perhaps it is even our record breaking cold and snowy winter and the fact that we all have been home bound for far too long. Things are seemingly grey and gloomy and it isn't just the 5th strait day of freezing fog.

Can you feel it? And people are starting to take it out on each other! Admit it ... you've seen them ... those crabby "nothing can make me happy so I'm going to take it out on you!" types. They are in the checkout line in front of you or sitting at the table next to you while you try to enjoy a quiet dinner out on the town. They throw their arms up in frustration and rant at others in traffic. I do my best to ignore the drama of it all.

Many of us are here in the middle of our seasonal funk making the best of it. I admit it is sometimes easier to sit at home in my sweats than find the energy to head out into the world. Here at home we are eating as healthy as we can - buying fresh produce and eating more fish (yeah Omega-3's!!!). We try to ovoid eating overly processed and carb laden food that weaken our immune system and needless to say add too quickly to the waistline. (Did I mention being snowbound with cookies? NOT a good thing!) I know that hitting the treadmill is needed to help boost my energy and erase some of the damage from the holiday eating frenzy.

And before we know it - this too shall pass. Spring is closer than it feels. The punishing winter we have had so far will eventually be behind us. And if possible all that negativity that seems to be abundant will disappear and all the good things in each day will come into view a bit easier.


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