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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sorting things out ...

So it was one of those days ... time to take stock, sort and clean out a few things. I woke up with a sense of clarity and with the help of caffeine my vision came quickly to light. You see, my side of the closet had indeed become quite frustrating. Things were unorganized, and frankly I had too much. "Where is that ... !" became frequently muttered, and readying for the day became more of hunting and gathering type nuisance. Pajamas worn late in the winter lay folded awaiting their return the the jammy drawer. Shoes worn recently and not so recently where stacking up. Lonely unmatched socks after months and lost hope of reuniting with their match, are now finding a new purpose as stain rags. Boxes of boots were placed higher on the shelves and the sandals FINALLY are low enough I can reach them with out assistance.

Things that haven't been worn in ages are to be donated and some things forgotten are new once again. The plethora of sweaters were organized (so please if you see me buying a sweater in a store, step in and help a girl out ... I need NO MORE! UNLESS AWFULLY CUTE - and NOT BLACK! Simply ask me to step back and walk away from the clothing rack). Coats were drug out and placed back into the actual coat closet.

With a clear mind comes a clean house. Room by room I have been cleansing and sorting. Taking stock of the things that I really need in my life and home. I look at this little accomplishment and feel pretty rewarded ... things feel lighter.


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