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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its all about the music!

It is no secret I enjoy going to concerts ... music of all types and genera's. There is just something about experiencing a live music event. Seeing the creative efforts and passion of someone that you like and admire come to life before your eyes - and sharing it with thousands of people is truly unique. I will never grow tired of it. Especially when I scored CRAZY good seats! (I believe the word is "sick" now days! HA!)

Ok - so I know I am not in college anymore ... (WOW - how long HAS it been? ) but I have been a Stone Temple Pilots fan for a good 16 years! And I am also not afraid to admit my long standing crush on their lead singer! (Sorry Randy - he was in my life before you! :-)) Sure I have seen them before, but grabbing a chance to see (in my opinion) one of the BEST frontmen out there is a given! Not that alone, but just the fact that Scott Weiland is -

A - out of jail.
B - out of rehab - and may I say looking VERY good!
C - not pretending to be Axl Rose after four years too long (Don't get me wrong - other than Slash's screaming guitar solos - Velvet Revolver had some great award winning tunes too!)

Yes - I was close enought to touch him! :-)

- so when we heard that the "reunion tour" was on we were BOTH ecstatic! And when we saw that they were playing in RED ROCKS on RANDY"S BIRTHDAY we thought "THIS is meant to be!" But with $4.25 gas and my guzzling Hemi beast, driving all that way for one day just didn't seem realistic (another clear and practical sign we are SO not in college anymore!) Conveniently they extended thier tour and made a stop last night in Lincoln.

And of course, as all concerts go - the people watching was worth the price of admission alone! And no - even though Halloween is on the horizon, Randy those were NOT costumes but someone's daily garb!

The only question left (and not "when will my ears quit ringing?"or "Can I take a nap?")
but "WHAT'S NEXT?"


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