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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now THAT was a vacation!

The world is such a big place and I worry that in my life I will run out of time to see all the beautiful places that wait for me. Forget the day to day. Forget trips to the mall and that purse I saw on EBay. I want to travel and see more of our world. That is what I am saving my money for. This is how I want to spend my "spare time".

On our trip to Portland I realized how little I have seen. Realized how few places I have explored and how few faces I have seen. And did I buy anything? No. There were no t-shirts, no kitsch filling our suitcases on the way home (and believe me it was tempting as there was no sales tax and I think we passed up three outlet malls!). Instead, I brought home memories of how the ocean breeze felt on my face, and the taste of the local wines that Randy and I shared as we watched the sun setting over what appeared to be the edge of the world. We watched the surf and listened to the waves crash for hours. I will remember how cozy it was to sit under a blanket and watch the horizon change in the mornings with the mountains behind our backs and the water rushing upon the sand beneath us. What it was like to eat with the locals and regrettably pass what must have been INCREDIBLE little road side seafood shacks with oysters and fish tacos. The smell of butter and garlic in the morning as mom and pop shops readied their clam chowder. The taste of salt water taffy as we explored the streets of small beach towns and of course we sampled many locally brewed beers as well. The curves and vantages of highway 101 as it carved out its path along the Pacific coast. Catching up with close friends.
All simply incredible.

No t-shirt or souvenir could have the same lasting effect.

And there was urban exploring as well. More seafood (OF COURSE and at JAKES none the less!) and pounding the pavement to see what the city of Portland had to offer. Having what could have been the best cup of coffee I have EVER had - and again with the locals. And just sitting back and watching the matchless diversity only urban sites can offer was also time well spent. The freedom and the artistic way about this city fascinated me. Oh AND that infamous Maple and Bacon Donut - FABULOUS!!! Served up at Voodoo Donut by just the type of person I expected to work there ... fun quirky with a touch of "don't piss him off!"

I had thought about going to school there once. How would my life be comparatively now if I had been bold enough to take that leap? WOW!

"We could easily live here!" we both mentioned. But as we drove through the autumn colors and the berry fields on our way to the coast, Randy told me " I could live anywhere in the world - as long as it is with you." Oh - how I love you!

Happy 12th anniversary! Our home is indeed joyfully what we have made it, and I will travel with you - anywhere. I am happy anywhere as long as it's together.


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