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Monday, September 29, 2008

What a weekend ...

I personally believe I have the best husband! You see it was my birthday over the weekend and he wanted me to feel special. Sky was the limit ... "what do you want to do?" he asked several weeks ago. "My favorite things" I replied. Nothing particular but time well spent with the man I love!
So we headed out to Dixie Quicks Magnolia Room for breakfast on Saturday! What a find and we would like to thank the folks at Diners Drive-ins and Dives for bringing this Omaha wonder to our attention! We cannot wait to try lunch or dinner. We then went to the Joslyn Art Museum for the Steve Joy exhibition, as well as visiting some of my other favorite works. From there we headed to Dundee wandered a gallery and sipped a latte and an Italian soda from the Blue Line Coffee house. After much people watching and soaking up the late morning sun, we walked down to the Bread Oven for an almond croissant and snagged a baguette to enjoy later. We ventured around NFM next and picked out a rug for the family room after a long search. We then headed to Whole Foods for a lite bite, to pick up my favorite wine and then headed home to enjoy the rest of the day (football losses or not!) :-)
My birthday started out with Randy making my only request. I could have had anything or gone anywhere, but all I really wanted was bacon - eggs and toast. :-) He made my favorite coffee, and even cooked the bacon to perfection (even though he swears I like it burnt! Hee - HEE!) Just look at it! Even toast from our left over French baguette topped with my favorite jelly from Whole Foods! What a man!

Instead of dining out I asked Ran several weeks ago if he would make pasta for friends. He immediately volunteered. We invited over a few friends, dined on olives, caper berries, cipollini onions marinated in balsamic vinegar, various marinated peppers, Italian meats and cheeses, home-made stuffed mushrooms and our Gorgonzola crostinis! I paired it all with this awesome wine!

And then the "cooking" began! It was almost like dinner and a show!

We had home-made fettucinni alfredo with shrimp and prosciutto! I paired that with my favorite chardonnay! And did I ever have fun decorating the dining room!!!

And did I mention the best husband on earth made me my favorite cake?

I love this man! Ran - thank you for "the bestest" birthday!


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