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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pardon My Sawdust

Tis the season - sawdust is flying, paint is splattering, meals originate from the freezer, and my creativity is in high gear! And best of all, the artwork is starting to pile up! I changed into pajamas last night, only to see debris from the cuff on my capri pants fall to the floor and form a small drift! Earlier in the day, I was quite sure I had stayed away from the stream of shrapnel that sprays from the compound miter saw.
Perhaps not. :-)
I have been painting on buckets, boxes, shovels, molding, tables, chairs, metal shingles and trays - OH MY!
Here are a few things that are piling up!

Now - don't forget about PLUM IN THE CORNER!

It is coming up Thursday September 3rd! I will open the doors to my studio at 4:00 pm! Shop from my latest creations! Karen Greenfield will be here with her fabulous new work as well! And best of all (or maybe worse, because it is HIGHLY addictive!) - I am making my fall snack mix for you to munch on while you peruse "The Corner!"


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