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Monday, August 11, 2008

Where was I?

Time seems to pass by faster the older I get. Perhaps I have been caught up in all of the fun activities and ignored the obvious that summer seems to be coming to an end. I have been oblivious to all of the school supplies that have packed store shelves for many weeks now. I have ignored the circulars announcing back to school savings. I even dismissed friends as they talked about the stress and flurry of pre-school activities that they ran to and from. After all ... there was plenty of time before the seasons changed.
Or is there?
A few days ago, I truly believed that fall was SO FAR AWAY! However - last week the early morning air felt and even smelled like fall. The high this Friday is only supposed to be 70-something! And surprisingly the air has been pleasantly absent of our normal Nebraska high humidity.
Where has our summer gone?

This was my FAVORITE house from the 2008 Street of Dreams. Even though we love our builder ADC and I loved their craftsman style home, this house by Curt Hofer stole my heart. It looks like the home I grew up in! Randy calls it my "Ratatouille" moment. True, there is something that draws me to it because of childhood memories, but I really did love it for its modern statement and some rather fun touches. Dad would have been impressed ... there was a little orange-red spicket in the front yard.

It was next to the little vegetable garden and shed that housed an antique tractor. The property looked like it had been their for a century and only recently renovated the to modern tastes and clean lines. The master bathroom looked like an art installation. And did I mention the views? Rolling hills covered with green and dotted with acreages that nestle into the natural landscape. We went through this house twice, and we have the lot information for the neighborhood ... dreams indeed!

Oh, and a quick thank you for all the well wishes on my dreadful tooth ordeal! My only concern was with the history of problems deadening the pain. After all, if Vicodin didn't work, I wondered what the shots would do for me. I lost track of how many times that awful looking needle came toward me. At one point, when we were all convinced things were numb, the Dr set on his task, only to find me shooting out of the chair in pain. Tears and a panic attack later, (and even more needles) the root canal proceeded. That night I slept peacefully for the first time in over a week, and best yet - laying down flat that evening! What relief!


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