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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It only takes two words ...

It truly can only take two words to instill fear into ones mind. "Root canal".

I blame it on the cracker mix I baked up for the 4th of July, and the little evil corn-nuts. I was snacking on the baked-buttery-ranch goodness and while savoring the last bite, it happened. I bit down wrong. The pain was instant. And it continued to bother me.

Now this tooth has been a problem ever since "this dentist" put some computer-laser created thing on my thin shell of a molar 4 years ago. "Oh the sensitivity will go away" he said. What a liar. My feelings toward this man were headed south. After all "this dentist" was quite impressed with his creation, and gushed how he felt like a sculptor! "This dentist" also said that I indeed could not feel the procedure, it was "simply pressure". Well, after many shots, and attempted starts, "this dentist" believed me that INDEED I COULD feel what was happening. There was no choice but to finish what he had started. His conspirator ... I mean assistant even had the audacity to say (and in a whiny childish little voice) "Does someone want a whittle teddy bear to hold on too?" I could have decked her. It was all the ingredients that nightmares are made of.

Well, needless to say, I went to my check up, and after that, broke all ties with "this dentist." Except for the bills that continued to come for his "sculpting masterpiece."

Well with the pain worsening, I made an appointment with a highly recommended dentist. After several xrays, some poking and prodding, my worst fears were confirmed. I needed a root canal. He was even going to send me to a specialist. The only saving grace was that he too question why "this dentist" had placed this "sculpture" on my tooth. It sounded like a cap would have been a real dentist's choice. For the past 4 years every time I chewed on that tooth the "sculpture" expanded and caused me pain.

I left the "real dentist's" office with a prescription for penicillin and Vicodin. What??? Well the pain wasn't that bad. I didn't feel it necessary to take what is often unnecessary and over prescribed antibiotics. Let alone what on earth did I need a highly addictive narcotic for??? So I called my beloved chiropractor and proceeded to pick up some all natural tablets and drops for the possible infection. It was a blend of odd herbs and plants and though a bit peculiar tasting, I was quite sure, would do the trick.

Well I went on soundly in my decision to take these little miracles from the Amazon, press on a few pressure points, and blissfully believed that perhaps a little Advil would do. Friends were shocked when I told them my appointment of impeding doom with this specialist (aka root canal) was a whole 7 days away. "Why?" I wondered. This wasn't too bad. The horror stories I had heard seemed a bit over exaggerated.

Then it hit. Sleep had been dwindling over the nights. I began to sleep propped up on a plethora of pillows because that is what felt most comfortable. But what came on Saturday was like nothing I had ever felt. I honestly thought the left side of my head was going to explode. Nothing worked. Randy dug the prescriptions from the bottom of my purse, and drove straight to Walgreen's. I didn't care if it was narcotics, antibiotics, or a live cricket. I would ingest what ever it took to rid me of this pain.

After about 45 minutes, my forehead felt like it was disjointed from the rest of my body, and when I walked, I floated about 2 inches above the ground. The bad news ... the pain was still there. I was told to take Advil in addition to Vicodin. It still wasn't doing the job. The professionals seemed stumped and I was desperate. I even begged for an earlier appointment of doom. Dig my Dremmel tool out from the shop, and I will attempt this thing myself! Apparently the infection is causing a great deal of pressure and that is the source of all the pain.

And whatever you do, DO NOT GOOGLE "root canal infection". The pictures are truely terrifying, and I stared at them all like a deer caught in a car's headlights!!! Needless to say, I am eagerly am awaiting my 2:45 appointment today! :-) Which reminds me ... it is time for more pills.

And pardon me for my narcotic induced rant! I hope it made you chuckle ... what other choice is there! :-)


Blogger Shuley said...

Thanks for the giggle...But I must say it is sad that you are in so much pain and I am Laughing this hard.....
2 1/2 hours to go!!


Tue Aug 05, 10:12:00 AM CST  
Blogger La Donna Welter said...

Oh, that sounds soooo very painful! I hope the pain is now gone (without eating a live cricket)!
La Donna

Sat Aug 09, 09:02:00 PM CST  

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