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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What do I say? The journey continues …

I've been twisted, poked, prodded, needled, x-rayed, nerve conducted, MRI’d, electro-magnetic wrapped, cold lasered, acupunctured, operated on and today at this moment I can’t hold a paint brush.  I can’t move the mouse to this computer without my forearm burning.  I can’t help that at the base of my skull it feels like someone has taken a whack at me with a 2X4. When I wake up my hand is stiff and sore. I haven't been able to sleep on my right side in 3 years. I can’t help that muscles in my neck, shoulder and arm seem to tie themselves into giant solid knots without me doing ANYTHING to cause them to do so. 

I’m frustrated.  I didn’t sleep but more than a few hours last night. And in a desperate attempt to help the muscles that inexplicably stiffen up down the right side of my neck and into my shoulder, I headed to my massage therapist early this morning who said she has NEVER seen my neck this bad.

Last week I was told by my chiropractor it’s all from “over use”.  Funny - because I’m not working much these days.  I can’t.  And the apparent “face-plant” that a new fresh out of school chiropractor from the same office put me in, gave me a headache for days and has my right eye twitching – constantly so and especially when I turned my head to the right for the first 48 hours afterward.  And now for the first time since I started to see results from physical therapy, my forearm is wreaking havoc on my hand and with movement feels like it’s on fire. 

It’s time to reset.  I think it’s time for new eyes to take a look at this mess and hopefully – desperately – ACTUALLY get some answers and truly, not just promise without delivery - SOLUTIONS. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Carrie. Keep searching for the right healer. Have them look up and down from where it hurts. Is that "referred" pain in doctor's language? I found John Macy PT to help with my chronic back pain. He was not in the insurance network. So it cost more out of pocket to see him. But he was worth every penny. I will say prayers. Sue

Fri Apr 24, 02:11:00 PM CST  

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