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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I've lost myself somewhere …

Wait … no … there I am!
Over the last few years I feel like I have lost bits of myself going through “this mess”. Pieces left with pain and frustration.  Some left with boredom, others with the anger over all of it. But today, this morning in this minute I feel fairly whole again. Perhaps it was that third cup of coffee or happily working on home decorating projects, but more likely it was that warm fresh warm air hitting my face on my January morning walk and best of all because there isn’t much pain currently.
The sun is shining SO brightly today, and in fact, they are forecasting record warmth. This type of weather can in no way leave a person sitting on the couch feeling sorry for themselves and has thankfully pushed me out the door.  It’s so nice in fact it feels like we have skipped winter all together.  The snow we did receive early on is only a distant memory. Unexpectedly robins have come back into the yard (although I fear the darlings may soon regret that early migratory decision!) and the geese and random ducks that live on the lake have grown active and chatty. Getting out with nature a buzz, it’s hard not to feel so good.
Even though the studio still feels a bit foreign, I’ve resolved to head down daily, even if just to read or sketch.  I had started on a few Valentine’s creations, but frustration has left them unfinished.  A few new “whimsy” spring pieces are nearing completion and happily they will be offered up on PFATT February 10th! I've even thrown myself into a few little decorating projects.  It keeps my mind busy on the days where the nerves in my arm and neck discourage me. Dear husband’s offices (home and work) needed attention and with his move to new company digs, the office looked empty.  The endless baking and candy making at Christmas wouldn’t let me finish his new large abstract painting by Christmas as anticipated, but it has been thankfully coming along as of late and the Ikea goodness and ordered artwork have transformed his space. The home office is at long last getting a new coat of paint and updated décor and the desk that he and my father made is getting a new antique barn wood top!
Its days like this where I am reminded and happy to share life with you.  I apologize for falling of the map for so long.  There is light at the end of this tunnel and though a long journey, I hope to get there soon. 


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