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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Around the house ...

I LOVE fall.  It is in my opinion the MOST wonderful time of the year!
As I type, the morning sun is just starting to fall upon the maple trees that line the streets in the front of our house.  The deep red and orange tones are reflecting back into our windows and illuminate our upstairs hall with a warm glow. Even with the windows open the smell of fall fills the house and I am looking forward to a walk around the lake just to see what fresh seasonal hues greet me today.

There is just something about the color this time of the year that I always want to last longer than it does.  It’s perhaps the warmth and coziness of it all. The richness it gives. And beyond that there is the sound of the crisp leaves blowing in the breeze, pumpkins adorning neighbor’s stoops and porches. It’s about bundling up and wrapping a scarf around your neck before you head outside or snuggling in a blanket to take in a sunrise sitting on the deck.  I love it all. And because it seems so fleeting, I take it all in while I can. Walks, drives, pictures, and taking in those great sunsets and sunrises – it all seem better in the fall to me.

I also love to fill the home with our fun décor we’ve gathered over the years and picking perfect pumpkins to tuck in here and there. It’s the time of year where we ready the crockpot more than the grill and find that soup is perhaps the perfect meal on chilly fall evenings.
Here are just a few shots of our home and studio this fall that I wanted to share with you (spare the one of the front of our home – it’s last years – which serves as a reminder to get out and snap a few pics tonight while the trees are FULL of color!) I am perfectly happy this time of year more than any other to just sit snuggled in a few of my favorite spots and quietly take in everything around me. For me fall brings a comfortable peace …


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