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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My heart is full ...

A few weeks ago while in the midst of a major PMS cleaning frenzy I found myself in the studio looking about and thinking I had slowly amassed a nice collection of pieces throughout the year.  Perhaps it was the hormones or a crazy caffeinated notion, but I decided to open my studio and have an “All Season Show!” 

I mean – why not!?!  There were a few pieces from Valentine’s Day, quite a few from spring when I was REALLY testing the arm and a smattering of fall and some leftovers from last Christmas too. Plus the idea of clearing out the studio was quite appealing and as I scooted about the studio cleaning the floor on my hands and knees! ;) 

It felt like “old times” as dear husband and I stained a smattering of pieces that Wednesday night in preparation for my little event.  The next morning that familiar smell of drying stain greeted me as I wandered down the steps and for once in a long time, the studio truly felt like home. I was surprised how many pieces filled the space.  It was nice to see everything gathered together and set up. I usually don’t have “just” my things in the studio, but this last minute decision was turning out to be a fun one.  Yes, before my little tumble and following physical mess, I could have amassed this many pieces in a matter of just a few weeks, but since the arm needed two glasses of Pinot Grigio and a few extra strength Tylenol to even finish what I had, I was quite happy.

I asked a friend to help out during and even 30 minutes before I slid open the patio doors, she said people were starting to gather. I know I shouldn’t have been surprised, but wandering and puttering about the house I have forgotten about the demand for my creations and it had been nearly a year that smiling faces filled the studio. Perhaps I had been concentrating on the things that I could not do, or the pain that comes too often, or the frustration of searching for answers to this neck/arm/hand mess consumed too much of me.

So many hugs and well wishes filled my heart.  The studio has SUCH a good positive energy in it right now I just cannot fully explain it. 

Update : I have started a new “hands-on” therapy in hopes of getting the mess that is apparently thoracic outlet syndrome to loosen up and let go of the strangle hold on my nerves and blood flow. I can’t wait for the day when the pain leaves me, my hand and arm behave again and can happily get back to doing what I love full time ... 


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