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Monday, August 17, 2009

what you notice

Do you ever just sit in the still and quiet? Do you remember to stop and just take in what surrounds you? Can you simply observe and not judge?
When was the last time you felt aware?

Recently on vacation I found myself in that old familiar place. Sitting on the top of a "mountain" my senses seemed heightened. The air smelled of pine trees and green earth. The cool breeze whispered through the trees and brushed up against me to cool my back after our ascension. Problems and negativity seemed distant and at that altitude, the world fell away from us. I could have stayed there all day. I should have stayed there longer in that place where anything felt possible.

There is just a different energy in Colorado. You can feel it and for that matter see it! For the most part, people are free to be themselves and no one is afraid to stand out in the crowd. If the energy there was a vibrational tone, Boulder would be at a pleasant hum. There, many seem to live at a steady manner and not the high pitched frequency that I often feel here. Glances toward you are just that and nothing else. Traffic is busy but easy, lunches are longer and relaxed. You feel the enjoyment in life. You walk and take in the world around you.

But now thrown back into the day to day, I find myself busy and consumed. That tension that I carry between my shoulders weighs on me as I place the calls to continue the various repairs after our lightening strike, and I need to stop and rid myself of it. Perhaps the answer was something that I left on the mountain. I need to stop and again find the place where I stand in what I know, and let everything else slide off of me - find my"reset button" if you will.

Today may you be aware of the little things ... aware of the good things ... and may the rest just disappear.


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